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She Leads-Meridith Bryan

This weeks feature of #SheLeads, highlights our colleague Meridith Bryan. We are pleased and honored to have Meridith join our flock at Nightingale Hospitality. With over fifteen years of experience in hospitality, Meridith shares with us how she sets her days goals.

As a female leader in hospitality, what has been the most significant barrier in your career?

I was faced with several instances in which the company I worked for had practices that blatantly penalized working mothers.  While this company claimed to understand the needs and wants of women, structures and processes were still in place that were leftover from a time when those needs were not addressed.  Companies need to do more than simply say they care for women in the workplace, they need to actively work to find and dismantle structural inequalities in the treatment of men and women.  Rather than accept such practices, I took several risks and fought these antiquated barriers.  While I was given platitudes and told that my comments would be taken under advisement, I refused to let it end there, as I knew nothing would actually be done.  I knew these rules were not just impacting me, but all the working mothers in the other hotel locations around the country.  I did not stop fighting until policies were changed company wide for all women.  I might have made some enemies along the way who encouraged me to “just drop it”, however it was crucial for me to see things change for the better.  While there were numerous positive steps and changes made, I believe in general there is still far to go in regard to valuing working women who have so much to balance.  

What's your favorite destination?

Traveling is my first love and I was lucky enough to find a partner who shares the same spirit.  We have been all over the world together, yet the place that we have returned to time and time again that captures my heart is Mexico City.  The vibrant art scene, culinary hotspots, population density, cultural mecca, fantastic museums, manicured parks, lovely climate, and vibrant spirit are some of the numerous reasons why one day I want to retire and live in a condo in La Condesa neighborhood.   A close second is Cartagena, Colombia!

What 3 things you do in the morning that prepares you for the day?

In 2011 I took a six week mindfulness based stress reduction class that changed my life.  As a result, meditating for 20 minutes is now an essential part of my morning routine.  Sometimes I will sit quietly, other times I will do a guided meditation from the Ten Percent Happier app.   This starts my morning off calmly and sets the intention for the rest of the day.  I am also a big list maker, so making a list of the day’s goals is another practice that helps me feel focused and sets the priorities for the day.  Lastly, I always catch up on the news with a cup of coffee.  I am not a morning person so caffeine is essential with a 2 year old. 


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