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She Leads - Gina Wade

Gina Wade is an exceptional woman and business executive that we are excited to honor in our #SheLeads series! In fact, it is her birthday today! Happy Birthday Gina! She is part of our flock at Nightingale Hospitality. Gina is extremely disciplined, organized, and creative. During the pandemic she was able to pivot and creatively design events and client communications that were within COVID-19 protocols so that her clientele maintained their relationships with their custome

She Leads-Meridith Bryan

This weeks feature of #SheLeads, highlights our colleague Meridith Bryan. We are pleased and honored to have Meridith join our flock at Nightingale Hospitality. With over fifteen years of experience in hospitality, Meridith shares with us how she sets her days goals. #womenleaders #womeninhospitality #nightingalehospitality As a female leader in hospitality, what has been the most significant barrier in your career? I was faced with several instances in which the company I wo

She Leads- Julia Carcamo

As we continue our #SheLeads series, we are pleased to highlight a friend and former colleague Julia Carcamo. When Julia and I worked together, I was new to the casino industry and it was her insights and support that contributed to our team, which launched the Wynn Las Vegas. Since then Julia has started her own company and is a marketing force in the gaming world. She frequently writes for Casino Journal and is currently writing a book. She provides strategic leadership, ma

She Leads- Vimari Roman

We continue our series She Leads, this week featuring Vimari Roman. Growing up in the #hotelindustry, Vimari knew that hospitality was in her blood, but it wasn't until recently that she found her passion coaching, mentoring and uplifting those in the industry and strategizing their success. She now has her own business, Be Productive Coaching, where she helps high-performing professionals transition into exciting and fulfilling careers. https://linkedin-makeover-beproductive

She Leads- Tammy K. Billings

This week in our She Leads series we highlight Tammy K. Billings. Tammy shares with us that it's never too late to go back to school and get your MBA, and even in a pandemic you can still advance your career. This month Tammy takes her next journey with Wisely a restaurant technology company that powers a personalized dining experience. #womenleaders #womeninhospitality #nightingalehospitality #sheleads How did you get your start in the industry? Wh

She Leads- Alana Miranda

In our continued series She Leads, this week we feature Alana Miranda. Alana shares with us her passion for travel, her love of sales and relationships and Aloha from her home state of Hawaii. #womenleaders #womeninhospitality #nightingalehospitality #sheleads How did you get your start in the industry? What was your first position? Alana:, I had just graduated from Cannon's Business College on a scholarship program that I won in High School. I was hired by the Director of S

She Leads-Vivian Campbell

Greetings fellow hoteliers! Every week in our She Leads series we will be highlighting a female leader within hospitality, sharing insight and providing an open discussion regarding some of the hurdles that women face within our industry. Today we are proud to introduce you to Vivian Campbell. Vivian is a recognized leader with over 20 years of experience in hospitality management, openings, and customer service training. Below are her answers to three questions which shouldn

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