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Nightingale Hospitality is now ready to soar to new heights! We have developed a new social media strategy and posting schedule to elevate our consulting company!

Nightingale Hospitality has revamped social media marketing strategies and has added a blog to the #SheLeads series. We are so excited for our company's future and we encourage you to be part of our journey!

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Reopen, Recover, and Move Forward

COVID-19 has been a wake up call for operations, owners and investors and now is the time to save your pennies and review and reset how your hotel operates. The key is to ask the right questions and perform as efficiently as possible in this distressed market through evaluation thats starts with financing, projections, staffing and forecasting. Every dollar counts and controlling cost is fundamental.

Let Nightingale Hospitality help you. We are dedicated team of consulting, and marketing specialists who are passionate about creating world-class hospitality experiences. We will :

  • Review management fees

  • Evaluate transactional fees

  • Realistic forecasting

  • Customer acquisition

  • Guest retention

  • Staffing for today and the future

  • Revenue optimization and mitigating risk

  • Creative sales solutions


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