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Clean and Safe Journeys

It's the summer of 2021. Travel restrictions are lifted; however, mask mandates are being implemented in various cities. Do you think it's safe to travel with the variants being a prevalent issue?

Let's focus on your next stay in a hotel. Chances are you've been dreaming about a getaway for a long time. When you find a hotel you should check their website to understand their precautions for handling COVID-19. Policies and procedures that were established last year should now be part of the hotel's health and safety program.

If the hotel website highlights training and safety protocols for their employees, you have chosen a great hotel. It shows they truly care for everyone on property. If they provide you with a wellness kit and sanitize your luggage when you enter, you’re in the right place. Book your room!

As a traveler, read the information down below to ensure your trip is as safe and sanitary as possible.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you are greeted by a friendly masked employee. Firstly, they guide you from a safe distance and explain your check-in options. There are social distancing signs and a comfortable six feet of space around you. Clean plexiglass separates you and the front desk agent, and the check-in process is quick with minimal contact. You have your room key and now you are one step closer to getting into your room.

You head over to the elevators and there is a masked employee making sure all guests are standing in line six feet apart and only guests traveling in the same party can get on the elevator at one time. It may take a little longer to get to your room but you feel even better about choosing this hotel. Remember to use your room key or your elbow to press the button for your floor. From what you can see the hotel is doing a good job so far but you can always be extra careful.

So you have had a clean journey getting to your room, now what? I recommend packing your own Clorox wipes and Lysol. Start cleaning surfaces for your own peace of mind. By the time you enter the hotel room, it is important to use your own personal cleaning supplies to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

At the end of the day, if you walk into the room and it doesn’t feel right, ask for another room.

For those hotels that have the multi-function in-room device that controls the room temperature and television, this is their time to shine. These in-room devices also connect to the different departments in the hotel such as reaching the front desk or housekeeping for more towels. You can also order room service or perhaps concierge for making reservations for an outdoor restaurant. I love these devices!

Departure should be a breeze. I can’t recall the last time I actually stopped by the front desk to check out. There is no contact needed here.

A number one fact is that customers have always demanded a clean room. During the pandemic, sanitation is even more important. Hotel guests need a clear direction because processes are changing. It is essential that new procedures are direct and easy to follow. Customers love convenience; services need to be quick and accessible at their fingertips. Finally we all expect consistency. Hotel employees should all deliver the same message and create the same experience for all guests. We are simple creatures of habit. If the hotel experience is good, you will attract loyal guests!

It's the responsibility of the hotel and the guest to follow safety protocols and create an environment for both employees and travelers.

Be Safe and Clean Journeys!


Written By: Vivian Campbell

Vivian Campbell is a recognized leader in the hospitality industry with over 20 years of progressive experience in hospitality management, hotel openings and customer service training. Campbell is a highly effective and results driven leader in team development and client relations. She has a proven ability to deliver revenue, service and a high degree of client satisfaction.

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