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She Leads- Julia Carcamo

As we continue our #SheLeads series, we are pleased to highlight a friend and former colleague Julia Carcamo. When Julia and I worked together, I was new to the casino industry and it was her insights and support that contributed to our team, which launched the Wynn Las Vegas. Since then Julia has started her own company and is a marketing force in the gaming world. She frequently writes for Casino Journal and is currently writing a book. She provides strategic leadership, marketing, branding and social media initiatives to various organizations. Read below for her advice to future leaders and to understand her own brand of "The Jules Rules."

Have you had challenges when you were responsible for leading men?

1.Interestingly, I don't know that I've had challenges leading men, Sure there was the one-off who thought he was smarter than everyone else in the room, but he thought he was smarter than EVERYONE, not just me. Years later he apologized for his behavior, he had subsequently learned that he had missed out on opportunities to do some things differently because he always thought his way was best. My challenges seemed to have come with men at my same level. A general manager once said to me, "You're a lot more intelligent than I thought." I didn't know how to respond. Thank you? Then there were the construction meetings, where I was probably the only female in the room. The president of the company once asked my opinion. It was obviously contrary to what the majority of the room was expecting (or hoping) me to say because the uproar that followed was quite a surprise to me. When they finally settled down, I asked them why they hired me if they just wanted me to agree with them. I left the room. Six months later, we replaced our company president with a female and the old guard slowly and eventually moved out.

What advice would you give to the next generation of leaders? 2. The last impression is a lasting impression. You should always strive to make the best impression. That means you're not late to meetings. You come prepared. If you are presenting, ask someone to spellcheck for you. If you're going to say you'll have something ready on Wednesday, try with all of your might to have it ready on Tuesday. People will always remember the quality of the work you do and how you can be counted on to help the team progress.

How did you get your start in the industry? What was your first position? 3. I got my start in the casino industry because of a hand-written note. I was a very poorly paid employee at a non-profit. We were working with a committee of volunteers to create a first-of-its-kind event. One of the volunteers was impressed that I sent her a hand-written note. She thought I'd make a perfect fit in the type of job she had in the new regional gaming industry. I wasn't, and I had NO interest in it. I continued my non-profit work and my communications with her. One rainy cold Mardi Gras day, she called me to see if I was interested in making the move. I said, "yes". I also let them know that I had no experience doing what they wanted me to do as a group sales coordinator. They thought that although I didn't have actual experience with this particular job, my experience and skills were suited to it. The truth is that this job only lasted 10 weeks as the operation was financially unstable, but those few weeks were all I needed to fall in love with the industry. By the way, I still send handwritten notes and my best hires have always been those who thought they didn’t have the experience for the job! I guess that lesson stuck with me.

Describe your ideal vacation?  4. I had the most wonderful vacation with a small group of friends - some old, some new. We shared a beautiful house in Cabo. It was a perfect week of nothing to do, but read magazines, swim, sun, and drink margaritas that our own houseman (Alejandro) was making for us. Add the private chef and the week was perfect! I would jump on a plane again today if I could replicate that trip.


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