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When The Lights Come Back On

Health and Safety Steps to Take When Your Property Re-Opens:

Guests and clients will need to gain trust that your property is not only clean but meets sanitation qualifications. They want to feel that not only the rooms, but the public spaces are sanitized.

Let’s start with guests’ journey as they arrive at the hotel.

  • The Entrance: In the lobby and at the entrances to the restaurants, bars and pools, hand sanitizing stations should be visible and available to all guests.

  • Valet, Doormen, & Bell Staff : We have all heard of the white glove treatment and if your hotel is at a 5-star, white glove service level than you are all set. If gloves are not part of the uniform, they are now. Purchase a glove that fits your brand and is comfortable for your employee.

  • Lobby/Front Desk: Clean and disinfect, numerous times daily, the areas open to the public, the main entrance, the carpets, the counters, computer equipment, and the handrails. Establish socially distant cue lines. Promote self-check in and self-use for credit card payment and personal phones for keys.

  • Public Spaces: Frequently (3x a day) at each shift clean and disinfect points with a high frequency of contact, including elevator panels, door handles, vending machines, touch screens, etc.

  • Elevator: Limit 1-2 persons in the elevator at a time. Encourage using the staircase for lower floors. We all need to get our steps in.

  • Guest Luggage: Before entering the guest room, prepare to wipe down the luggage in front of the guest, and then proceed into room.

  • In-room: Design collateral stating your cleaning procedures and policies. Operate all air conditioning units in fresh air mode, ensuring a constant airflow in the room.

These are just a few things to start thinking about before you open your doors. Follow our blog, The Song for more tips as we navigate the new normal.


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