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A Quick Guide to Travelling, Health and Safety, and Social Distancing

Many of us have cabin fever, and the travel bug is urging us to get out and explore. The dilemma is: Where do we go? How do we social distance? Is it safe to eat out? Are hotels implementing health and safety procedures? As cities, parks, and beaches slowly reopen, the opportunity to take a road trip is now available.

- The first step to your adventure will be research.

- Review destination websites

- Check out the hotel's website,

- Learn about the hotel's COVID-19 procedures and protocols/what is open or closed.

- Since a European vacation maybe put on hold, take that road trip and reconnect with nature.

- The CDC recommends checking with the state or local authorities from your starting point, along your route, and at the final destination to learn about any local issues or restrictions.

- Take shorter trips to minimize the use of public restrooms.

- Bring your own snacks in the car.

- Along the way, indulge with drive-thrus.

- You can order ahead on their mobile app and pick up at the drive-thru.

- As for hotels...

- Tripadvisor’s Travel Safe filter,, suggests questions to ask hotel reservations.

- Make sure you are familiar with cancellation policies and terms and conditions.

- Many hotels are taking safety precautions to reduce interactions between guests and staff. Be sure to check the hotel's website to learn about measures like contactless check-ins.

-Continue to wear a mask and try to interact only with those travelling in your party.

-To ease uncertainty, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) released guidelines called the Safe Stay Guest Checklist which is a great resource to check before you hit the road

Whether you choose the mountains or the beaches, being outside will help relieve stress, increase creativity, boost your mood and allow you to reset. A university of Rochester study shows spending time in nature and outdoors makes, ”people feel more alive”. We at Nightingale Hospitality know you're eager to get back to travelling, and as we adapt to new circumstances in light of these recent events, it is more important than ever to stay safe and cautious as we navigate this new world of hospitality.


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